More than 35 years ago, when James (Jim) Warwick dismantled his mother's potting shed table to build his first guitar, he experienced the first of many "ah hah!" moments, the kind which subtly but irrevocably change one's life. The ensuing years brought studies in architecture, engineering, and clinical psychology, a non-luthier career, a family, a mortgage … but building, repairing, and restoring fretted instruments was always there as an ardent creative outlet and avocation. In the mid-90's, Jim studied with Charles Fox, and that experience became his defining moment as a nascent guitarmaker. With the encouragement of Charles, friends, and family, he made the leap to full-time luthier in 1997 and has never looked back.

Jim has considerable experience working with traditional tonewoods, but also explores new and sustainable materials, particularly domestic species not often seen in guitars. His guitars have been described as "the embodiment of visual elegance and tonal integrity" and each creation is the result of his unique combination of education, experience, and ability to listen to and understand his client's needs -and passions-as they work together designing the guitar of a lifetime.

Jim Warwick

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